We are very happy to welcome you to Ukraine the legendary city of western Ukraine. The famous “Lion City” where lived many nations since the XIII century nowadays one of the most charming and unknown places in the West of Ukraine. Around 800.000 people live in Lviv.

This geographical point is seen as the cultural volcano of today’s Ukraine. You can visit many ancient castles and monuments, there are a lot of old libraries and theatres. Lviv is the capital of Lvivska oblast in the Western part of Ukraine. Lviv is a well-known learning centre in the West of Ukraine. The city of Lviv has a big sum of schools Lviv Polytechnic National University, Lviv University, and also colleges. The centre of the Lviv city is on the list of the cultural inheritance of the past centuries. Tourists coming to Lviv can walk down old streets, sights of the town or walk up to the Lviv High Castle. The city of Lviv belongs to different architectural styles from Baroque to Art Deco. Lviv is a “pearl” of Eastern Europe and just a very wonderful city. We want to mention just some of the most popular sightseeing places in the modern Lviv like the centre of the Lviv or Armenian Cathedral There are many interesting attractions like the National Museum or the historic city centre.Continue reading